Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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The pretty chic "Madden" series enjoys a steadily growing, loyal fan base - which is why American football fun now appears more regular. On the in-house anti-E3 game "EA Play", the publisher giant has now announced the new part "Madden NFL 17" and moves parallel with some info: So you are looking forward to some sensible updates that go beyond the obligatory optical . A new commentary duo, consisting of Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis, was designed to adequately illustrate what was happening in the field while EA complemented the established franchise mode with the so-called "Play the Moments" feature. Here, you take control on specific, critical play scenes such as Drives in the Red Zone or important Third Downs - in stark contrast to the other simulation. The feature is optional, if the traditional gameplay prefer.

Even after the game, it is to be exciting: you are working on your strategy and organization and make important personnel decisions in the course of the "Big Decisions". In this way, you can take care of the rehab-injured players, hire agents to run more smoothly, or create new contracts. Furthermore, at the request of the community, EA will donate to the PS4 and Xbox One practice squads, a complete player processing and a dynamic points ticker. You already feel like it? If you are an EA Access member, you can play "Madden NFL 17" before the regular release.

A few weeks ago, Rory McIlroy began the PGA Tour with the EA Sports Sports Year 2015. Madden NFL 16 now starts the season of team sports. This year both owners of PS4 and Xbox One as well as the "old" consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 get new content, which can be seen. Unfortunately, not all innovations were brought to the old console generation.

An important factor is to be mentioned right at the beginning: This year's edition of the Madden series is also available in English. Although there is a German digital manual, in the game, however, only English is spoken. This applies to the commentaries as well as the screen texts. Since the tutorials always show technical terms, basic English skills do not suffice if you want to understand everything. As usual, the Madden NFL 16 offers a very comprehensive introduction.

Since even technical terms and positions are explained in detail, football novices can learn a lot about the sport and afterwards do not have a clue about the field. But also the professionals among you should take a look into the tutorial. Here are also some innovations, which you may look forward to this year. There have been a lot of opportunities for passers-by, as a result of which new strategic variants come into play. With bullet, touch or praise pass you get new possibilities for playing.

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With a high pass, you can move the ball over the heads of some defenders to the man. There are also innovations when it comes to catching. The Possession Catch requires you to press a key after the receiver has been cast, so that he catches the ball and rolls with him on the ground. This variant is not suitable for catching a lot of space after the catch, but it brings you an advantage, if around the receiver around many opponents cheat.

Run after catch, on the other hand, does exactly the opposite. Your player catches the ball on tactile pressure and runs on with him immediately. Since no hooks are beaten, but the player runs without a detour, you can easily surprise your opponents with such fast actions. With an aggressive catch, the catcher tries to put a close opponent under pressure to reach the ball himself. The new possibilities require a lot of practice, because they only work when you press the displayed button at the right moment.

New in Defense

Not only the attack gets new possibilities, the defense was also thought. If you are in the defense, you can choose whether your player should go to the man or to the ball. If you decide to go to the man, your player will try to drop the opposing player before catching or otherwise prevent him from completing a turn. If you go to the ball, your player tries to hit the ball or catch it himself and thus initiate a counter-attack.

In addition to the release of the new Madden NFL 16, there is also the launch trailer for you.
Tackles you can now also make your opponents easier. Maneuvers almost always turned around to follow the attacker. This is no longer the case, your defender now directs his gaze steadily forward and tries to seal the space. To the mentioned new possibilities some of the known were easily revised. The run is now much easier, since the game characters react better to the inputs.

In most FIFA 17 modes, you can customize the setup and formation to get the best tactics for your team. There is, however, a wide range of possibilities which are not generally valid for all teams. Some teams can convince with an offensive formation, and others are defensively defunct when defended. Even a team with excellent single players can not afford much with the wrong line-up, so we'll provide you with all the information on the right formation in FIFA 17.

Apart from the modes in which you play a single player, such as in Be a Pro, you can choose the team from your team in FIFA 17. It depends on the positions and strengths of your players as well as on the game or the opponent. Do you play with one or three attackers? If you need to catch up quickly, a strong attack is recommended, but your defensive will suffer, so you can quickly get a counter-goal.
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In general, there is no ultimate solution in FIFA 17 for the best line-up. An important point, however, is that you always keep an eye on your squad. If your wing players are not very strong, it is advisable to organize a structure from the midfield. So take a closer look at the bench, so you do not overlook a young talent, and in time you'll find the best lineup for your own or favorite. If you can not occupy any position for the desired line-up, you should pay attention to the players' inclinations. If you miss a player for the right wing, you should place a player of the right midfield, rather than a ZOM.

If you are in the menu of your team view, you can have the players with the triangle / y-key suggested for the individual positions. This allows you to save time instead of switching between all the players.

If you look at Real Madrid, for example, you have very strong wing players with Bale and Ronaldo, who are able to bring the balls inside of the outer courses with enormous speed, or from there to the center and sink the shot itself.
Manchester United, on the other hand, has good wings, but they have a very good midfield with Pogba, Rooney and Scheinsteiger, who can quickly get the balls on Ibra, which often allows a goal to be scored.
We will show you in our table which formations should work for which offensive defensive division for your team in FIFA 17:

If you use a FIFA 17 crossover on your gamepad, you can choose fast tactics to be able to react to the game situation. Furthermore you have in the menu the possibility directly under the point Tactics directly with the correct plan in the game s Tart The following options are available: Standard: Take the tactics you have determined in advance. Your tactics: If you have developed a tactic yourself, it will be activated. Long passes: Cliff flanks and flanks get into the focus.Konter: You strengthen your defense and Prepare your players to take a quick counter attack.Ball possession: Your team plays safer and plays short passes.Hoher pressure: The opponents are attacked early and you try to get to the ball quickly.Lest with us also tips and instructions on the standard situations in FIFA 17.